Wraptivo Honda CR-Z “Type-F” Concept (Completed)

What you see here is the finished form of our Wraptivo Honda CR-Z “Type-F” concept.  In case you’re wondering, the “F” stands for “Fun” because our goal with this build is to increase the already high fun-factor that comes with driving the Honda CR-Z. 


When designing the Type-F we wanted to make the car stand out by utilizing contrast in not only color but texture as well.  We felt the use of matte black, gloss black, and black carbon fiber could add new dimensions to one color and to really make the car pop we went with bright red Volk Racing wheels.  We also added bright red Recaro reclinable racing bucket seats for some additional color contrast.  To add a little aggression to our Type-F concept we used a combination of aero pieces from Honda Accessories and Rondo of Japan.


To increase performance and really add to the fun factor we had HKS USA build a customer Rotrex supercharger system which is monitored by a re-worked ECU programmed by Hondata right here in California.


We plan to show the CR-Z at a few more events and then possibly take it out to the track to put all of the performance pieces we added to the test!  We’ll keep you posted!


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